Remote Learning

We have transitioned to a remote learning program during the temporary school closure. The goal of the program is to allow our students to stay connected to their curriculum through a series of video presentations and worksheets. The videos are done by a number of teachers throughout all of our LFM centers.

While there is no live interaction we believe this method of learning would be better for the age groups we serve as well as more convenient for parents who are working from home. This allows parents to gain access at a time that is convenient to them and stop and start as necessary. The videos follow the routine the children are used to inside their classroom as well as the worksheets they do each day.

The program uses Google Classroom and has content posted daily according to our curriculum.

Typical Daily Schedule:
  • Circle Time
  • Montessori materials presentation
  • Math Lesson
  • Language Lesson and writing workshop
  • Story time
  • Arts & Craft activity
  • Music and Movement
  • Science / Geography Activity once per week
  • Math, Language and Handwriting worksheets will be uploaded weekly
  • Workout with gymnast Tiana


If you haven't received an email please email to your campus to get more information or to enroll.

Monthly payment for Remote Learning program can be made through Tuition Express or by PayPal. Click here to pay by PayPal (Please make sure to add your child's name and campus as a note).